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When she was years-old she started experiencing obsessive sexual thoughts which took over her mind for a decade. Rose has now written a tragicomic memoir about her life with OCD, which she is crowd-funding through Unbound. Fears that I may have committed a paedophilic act in my past without realising. Fears that the graphic mental images I was experiencing were proof of my depravity. Fears that I would be punished for my sins. So I kept them quiet, and fought them in lots of tiny, secret ways: I prayed repetitively; I tried to shout them out of my head; I tried to distract myself with reading and running and drinking.

Nothing worked; and the anxiety hurt my chest from the second I woke up to the second I went to sleep. The thoughts changed sometimes but they never went away.

When I was a bit older I started relentlessly doubting my sexuality — how could I know for sure whether I wanted to have sex with men or with women?

In the hope of finding an answer, I began to test my arousal responses different sexual stimuli, hundreds of times a day.

ocd stories reddit

This only prompted more questions. I burst into tears as I read my symptoms for the first time: uncontrollable intrusive thoughts, severe anxiety, mental avoidance, excessive rumination. I was stunned. The article mentioned other kinds of thoughts, too: thoughts about killing people; thoughts about acts of blasphemy; thoughts about suffocating babies.

It was the mid noughties.


OCD was barely talked about in public, and media portrayals of it focussed solely on cleaning compulsions. In popular understanding I had a condition for which there was no word. I was euphoric for a while, believing that this self-diagnosis would be my panacea; that it would banish the obsessions from my head.

But no matter how many times I reminded my brain that it was merely sick, the thoughts continued to intensify, and it would be several more years before I found the help which saved me. Website by Oyster Design and Marketing.The content and themes of these intrusive thoughts vary but are often of a disturbing nature.

Each person with OCD will have a different experience with obsessions, but common thoughts or thought patterns include:.

ocd stories reddit

Research has shown that strange, even disturbing, thoughts pop into most people's minds on a daily basis. To cope with the day-to-day occurrence of these intrusive thoughts, people with OCD develop compulsions to try to relieve the anxiety created by the obsessions.

People with OCD may react to intrusive thoughts by trying to suppress them, though it often makes them come back worse than before. The behavior leads to a cycle of continued thought suppressionwhich causes more distressing thoughts and may even create obsessions. If you have OCD, you should know that there are many psychological and medical treatments that can effectively reduce the intensity and frequency of obsessions.

Along with therapy and medication, there are also self-help strategies that may be beneficial if you are learning to cope with and control obsession thoughts. Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. Intrusive thoughts in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder and non-clinical participants: a comparison using the International Intrusive Thought Interview Schedule.

Cogn Behav Ther. American Psychiatric Association. A systematic review and meta-analysis of self-help therapeutic interventions for obsessive-compulsive disorder: Is therapeutic contact key to overall improvement?

J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry. More in OCD. Find a distraction. Try going for a walk, listening to music, playing a video game or reading a book for at least 15 minutes to take your focus away from your obsessive thoughts. Delaying your attention to them will help them feel less urgent.

The more you practice shifting your focus, gradually doing so for longer periods of time, you may find your thoughts change or you become less anxious about them. Write your thoughts down. Jot down your worries as soon as they occur. Seeing just how many of them there are, as well as the pattern of repetition regarding your thoughts, may improve your sense of control.

Take good care of yourself. Reducing stress by eating right, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep will improve your overall health and, in turn, can help you cope more effectively with your obsessive thoughts. Practice relaxation. Meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness exercises, or even just a warm bath are techniques that can help you keep your stress levels in check.

Join a support group. Being around others who have been through what you are going through and understand how you feel can help you feel less alone. Ask your therapist or doctor if there are local support groups for OCD. There are also online communities and forums, many of which offer useful resources in addition to a connection. The 9 Best Online Therapy Programs.

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What are your concerns? Article Sources. Verywell Mind uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.These articles are about special topics related to OCD and related disorders.

For more general information, please visit our "About OCD" section. Jordan Levy is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Manhattan and in Livingston, New Jersey. He specializes in the treatment of Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder including violent and sexual obsessions. Imagine one day that you are walking past an elementary school playground. Continue to imagine that you find yourself yet again walking by the school playground.

You will now be acutely aware and on guard for whether there were any intrusive thoughts present. You find yourself avoiding eye contact with everyone. You may even check your genitals for signs of arousal. You worry others are looking at you and you may even begin to question what you have done.

You feel your only option is to escape in order to protect the innocence of these children. You may feel that you are a monster and a bad person for having these thoughts in your brain. What you may not realize is that you may be suffering from a very common form of obsessive compulsive disorder OCD.

And you are not alone. Experiencing taboo thoughts like these is one of the most common, yet lesser known, manifestations of OCD. Fortunately, recent mainstream media attention, and a new website called www. Many people with intrusive and taboo thoughts, such as being preoccupied about being a pedophile, have minimal or no observable compulsions.

Instead, the compulsive behavior is internal. Only the person suffering can see it.

ocd stories reddit

However, now we recognize that what separates an obsession from a compulsion is that obsessions trigger anxiety and are uncontrollable. Compulsions are controllable and are aimed at trying to reduce anxiety.

Top 10 Worst OCD Stories

So, even for someone whose obsessions only manifest as intrusive thoughts, a great deal of effort is still spent repeatedly checking, neutralizing, ruminating about, attempting to pray away, and avoiding certain thoughts — these mental actions are the compulsions. For individuals with OCD, an endless amount of time is spent attempting to answer the unanswerable questions that the OCD posits.

The most imperative item on the agenda becomes gaining certainty.I was 14 and working as a babysitter when the thoughts first came. What if I wanted to harm the kid I was caring for? What if I went into his room while he was sleeping and hurt him? But the thoughts were smarter than I was. They were tricky and had a rebuttal for every reassurance I gave myself. Panic accompanied my thoughts and only made things more confusing. The kid was sleeping, he was safe.

Check again and againthey told me. Every time I peeked in on the kid, he was fine. Or the panic. Actually, it exacerbated both. Summer break came, but brought no relief from the terrifying images of harming people. I lived for months in a haze of simmering panic. My parents went on vacation: What if I raped and murdered the woman who was taking care of me?

I went to visit family: What if I started sleepwalking and went after my cousins? When I learned to drive, every bump in the road became a child on a bike. I looked up police accident reports for months and months, just to make sure there were no unsolved hit and runs. They might think I was dangerous or crazy.

Maybe they would call the police or send me to a mental hospital. Maybe both. Living with such a strange secret was suffocating. I tried my best to hide it, but my parents could tell I was upset.

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Still, I never told them what I was thinking. Instead, I just swallowed the panic and charged on as well as I could. What if I got on this train car and assaulted that little kid on his way to school?

What if I contracted genital warts and passed it on to the woman I was dating and she developed cervical cancer? Better take a different train, better go to the free clinic, just to be sure. It was so intimidating to try and explain the thoughts to someone else. But I did. I sat there before a kind therapist and told my secrets to someone for the first time. Mercifully, he understood, offering empathy and professional support.

It was a massive relief. Still, this therapist was not an expert in OCD, particularly the more subtle kind I had. I remained anxious and haunted by thoughts of hurting people.Moderator: Snaga.

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November was my absolute low point in life. I had to take time off work and restrict myself from social activities. I began seeing a therapist and was put on 20mg of Prozac. I am sorting through a lot of issues still, however the crippling and debilitating nature of OCD is gone. I am off Prozac, but still attending therapy. The fundamental issue underlying OCD is an identification with thoughts.

Your thoughts and your anxiety are two completely different animals. The anxiety precedes the thoughts. This was my hang up for a while. The thoughts seemed so real and identifiable - "I must worry about this, the pull of the thought is so strong. What your brain does in the presence of extreme anxiety is select a topic to place the anxiety on. Completely arbitrary. Meditation was a key stroke for me.

And when I say meditation, I don't mean sitting and counting your breaths and attempting not to think about anything. Meditation is not a means to avoid OCD thoughts. It took me a long while to understand what meditation was all about. It's not about "relaxation" but rather relaxation is often a byproduct of meditation. Meditation is about getting in touch with what is going on in your body and brain. When your body is anxious, and your sympathetic nervous system is pumping adrenaline out of your kidneys and into your bloodstream, there are corresponding physical signs of what is going on.

Butterflies in your stomach. Acid reflux in your chest. Energy pulsations up and down the spine. An elevated heartbeat. The instinctual, thought-based reaction to these anxious feelings is to begin worrying. Fight or flight response is kicking in, and your brain is saying that something is wrong and something must be done. So our mind jumps to different topics, things that need to be fixed. It's the only way our evolved brain knows how to handle this type of anxiety.

This is all OCD is.As described, this website utilizes cookies. Read Our Privacy Policy. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Home. Allen, a year old gay man, came to a mental health clinic for treatment of anxiety. He worked full-time as a janitor and engaged in a very few activities outside of work.

When asked about anxiety, Allen said he was worried about contracting diseases such as HIV. Aware of a strong disinfectant smell, the mental health care provider asked Allen if he had any special cleaning behaviors linked to his concern about getting HIV.

Allen said that he avoided touching almost anything outside of his home. He said that if he even came close to things that he thought might have been in contact with the virus, he had to wash his hands many times with bleach. He often washed his hands up to 30 times a day, spending hours on this routine.

Physical contact was quite difficult. Shopping for groceries and taking the subway were big problems, and he had almost given up trying to go to social events or engage in romantic relationships. When asked if he had other worries, Allen said that he was bothered by sudden images of hitting someone, fears that he would say things that might be offensive or wrong, and concerns about upsetting his neighbors.

To ease the anxiety caused by these thoughts, he often replayed prior conversations in his mind, kept diaries to record what he said and often apologized for fear he might have sounded offensive. When he showered, he made sure the water in the tub only reached a certain level. He was afraid that if he was not careful, he would flood his neighbors. Allen used gloves at work and performed well.

He spent most of his free time at home.


Allen was diagnosed with OCD. He had many obsessions, including ones related to contamination fear of contracting HIVaggressions intrusive image of hitting someone and symmetry exactness in the level of water. These caused Allen to spend hours on his OCD routines and to avoid leaving his apartment, engaging in social relationships and performing basic errands.

He also has had many compulsions: excessive hand washing, a checking keeping diariesrepeating often clarifying what he said and mental compulsions replaying prior conversations in his mind.

ocd stories reddit

Even though he was able to work, his job choice may have been swayed by his symptoms few other jobs would allow him to always wear gloves and use bleach. Not only did his symptoms consume much of his time, but he appeared to be lonely, isolated man whose quality of life had been greatly affected by his OCD. Understanding Mental Disorders is a consumer guide designed to promote education and understanding among anyone who has been touched by mental illness.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD is an anxiety disorder in which people have recurring, unwanted thoughts, ideas or sensations obsessions that make them feel driven to do something repetitively compulsions. Learn More. Find answers to your questions about obsessive-compulsive disorder written by leading psychiatrists.

View More. I agree. What is OCD?Some of these stories gave us the chills and made us jump at every sound. Ready or not, here they come…. Traveling can be a great experience. Instead of ignoring it to be polite, she made sure to get out of there quickly and find a safe place she could go. She and her boyfriend were looking at her travel photos later on.

They noticed what seemed to be another man acting as a lookout while the one who approached her had been following her for quite some time. Maybe it was only a coincidence, but she trusted her instincts and managed to avoid being kidnapped.

Scary close call. Old theaters always seem to be haunted. These kids decided to play with a Ouija board always a bad ideaonly to hear a voice and footsteps behind them and not see anyone there. We also want to note that at least this particular ghost only wants to prank students and not kill them like the spirits in so many horror movies are wont to do.

A silly prankster ghost is at least more preferable than a vengeful spirit. Sleep paralysis is a real thing. According to WebMD, your conscious mind becomes awake but your body remains in a sleepful state. It can be a truly frightening experience to be so disconnected from your own body.

In fact, you can even still be dreaming.

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Hallucinations are common during sleep paralysis. It seems as though his own hand took a life of its own and acted out the waking dream he had. The art of telling one of these stories is to make sure that the second sentence includes an unexpected twist to the scene you set up in the first sentence. It can be really tricky to write an effective two-sentence horror story.

Then it really takes a turn for the worst when the second sentence becomes a case number with notes that the first sentence was an unsent text message.

The text message now portends to the horrifying truth that this person vanished by whatever had been sitting on their bed. If you got chills down your back, so did we. Someone decided to send a text message to a person who died. This is common when people are grieving. There could be a logical explanation for this.

Maybe someone in their family has the phone for dealing with their own grief or the number was already transferred to someone else. On its own and taken at face value, this short story brings quite a few frights to give you some delicious nightmares when you go to bed.

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